Find: Of A Kind

I wanted to share some great new sites with you that I have found recently. Enjoy

I recently learned of a new website, and am really excited to share it with you. It's called Of  a Kind, they work with designers and sell wonderful creations in lots of 5- 50 pieces, assuring that you will not see everyone walking down the street with the some great find that you have. Check it out and start shopping!

I just won my first givaway every! Cursive Design is celebrating her fifth year in buisness and created an amazing giveaway. She  gave three fantastic pieces of jewlery. I can't wait for their arrival. You can find one of her wonderful creations on of a Kind....

I was also doing a little bit of checking into finding someone to help with marketing my work. I checked out . I don't think that the company is going to work well with what I do at the moment, but they were wonderful to talk with and really helpful. So I would recommend at least checking them out if you are thinking about expanding your small buisness. Pin It

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