Etsy: Fun with Felting

I"ve only ever experimented with felting, and have enjoyed it the few times that I've done so. But never figured out how to make cool pieces of jewelry like these. What a great idea.

Here's a sneak peek of an interview that Papaververt did with Etsy, to read the whole thing go here:

To buy some of these great pieces and to see more of her work visit her shop:


What first made you want to become an artist?

Hmmm.... I've never been too comfortable with the title of artist as I've always thought of myself as a designer. So on that note..... I loved anything musical and creative from a very young age. I remember sewing with my mom and sister as a young girl, digging Mozart when I was 6 and loving all my art classes throughout my school years. I studied fashion design in college, and worked as a store interior designer for many years, all the while knowing that there was more to come. I've never really been able to explain it and it's even hard for me to pinpoint when I thought that I would become a designer. I think after working so hard for several years for other designers, I had the realization that if I worked just as hard for myself, that the outcome could be really amazing.

Please describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.

I get most of my ideas really late at night, sometimes when I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep around 1 or 2 am. I'm learning to be ok with this but sometimes it's hard to calm down when the ideas start to flow. At night, it's usually shapes and forms. I like thinking of something that already exists in say, ceramic, but translate it into a felted design with the same purpose. Or thinking of the flow of an 60's style chair and wondering how I can mimic those lines in a way that has a dual purpose other than just a visual object. During the day, I'm most influenced by colors and they usually pop up when I least expect it. Anything that causes an emotional response can just start all sorts of new things - seeing two colors next to each other in a magazine that clash beautifully, someone walking in front of me whose coat looks amazing next to a wall we just passed, or sometimes some of my yarn laying across another color. Pin It

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