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Check out these cool paper yarn products by Paper Phine.

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Ever since my mom bought me the book "Paper: Making, Decorating, Designing" by Beata Thackeray when I was about 12 years old I was hooked with paper. I made it myself (and still do - though I haven't used toilet paper as raw material in years), bought it, collected it, watched papermakers and any craftsmen working with or on paperwherever I found them.

Nowadays it's not only paper that interested me, but also all material derived of it, like paper yarn, that offer a whole new range of possibilities.

Officially I trained as a textile artist and textile designer, but currently I spend more time on paper experiments. I currently live in Vienna (Austria) but I tend to spend a few months a year travelling, working and "being inspired" abroad.

I hope you will like my pieces - having spent so much time making them they are very personal and probably reflect part of my worldview (... and now you think about that if you like!).

I'm a proud member of the Artisan Gallery Team - our blog can be found here:

If you want to learn more about my work and want to see beautiful paper yarns and paper jewelry please visit my blog at Pin It


ViSart-DaLi Claying Mama said...

Those earrings are just awesome!

Linda said...

What a great article - a real honour for being on your blog! Thanks a lot!