American Craft Week

I never knew that there was an American Craft week, but now that I do I"m excited to get involved. This year's American Craft Week celebration, to be held October 1-10, will bring together individuals, small businesses and organizations from all fifty states in recognition of the countless ways handmade objects enrich our daily lives and contribute to our national aesthetic and economy. Go here for more information and ideas about how you and your crafting community can become involved,

The wonderful Village Artisans Gallery located in Boiling Springs, Pa, is hosting an open house to kick off American Craft Week, on Friday Oct 1 from 6:30-8:00, so if you live in the area get your friends together and come to see wonderful craft and meet some of the craftsman. I"m hoping to be there myself.

I"m going to celebrate craft week with my intro to art class, and we are going to take a little trip during the day to the VAG. PJ Heyman, owner of the gallery is wonderfully gracious and welcomes my art classes with open arms. Not all gallery owners and thrilled to see twenty some teenagers walking through their doors. PJ tells the students a little bit about how the gallery began and wood carver Gay Foltz does a demo for the students.

Gay Foltz

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Folk Art Carver

Gay started carving under the tutelage of her uncle Rey Bjurstrom and apprenticed with him before developing her own unique style. Her carvings now reside in homes all over the US and the world. Gay's repertoire includes cats, dogs, moons, suns, rabbits, crows, flying pigs, dragons or any other creature you or she can imagine...often with a whimsical twist to make you smile. Collectors of Santas keep her busy carving the new Santa she designs each year. Gay and her work have been featured on HGTV's "That's Clever", in "Country Folk Art" magazine, "Chip Chats" magazine and numerous newspaper articles. She is a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. Gay's studio, where she can be found at work creating her carvings, has been an integral part of The Village Artisans Gallery since it opened in 1995.
Throughout American Craft week PJ has committed to donating 10% of all sales to Craft Emergency Relief Fund, what better excuse do you need to go shopping? For more information about Village Artisans Gallery visit their website, . Pin It

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