House Beautiful

When I was in elementary school I despised the library, and saw no need to check books out, I prefered to own all of the books that I wanted to read. Perhaps this seemed like a good idea at the time since my parents were buying me the books, however now that my paycheck has to pay the bills I have developed a love for the local library. We are lucky enough to only live about 2 minutes from the library, so I use it a lot. When my creative juices stop flowing I like to check out a pile of magazines and browse through all of the wonderful images and search for some inspiration.

My last search led me to these wonderful fabrics, from House Beautiful. I just love them all, an am excited to try to apply some of these ideas to my weaving. I also just got a working scanner, I forgot how much I liked to scan things. I"m hoping to take my textiles, scan them, and then make some fun collages on the computer with the different colors and textures. I'll post some when I get them finished.

I find that I normally either have a drought of ideas or a monsoon, then never just seem to nicely flow into my head one at time, waiting in line until one is finished and then the next one nicely appears. So right now my head is spinning.

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