Fringe Seed Bead Braclet

I took a class a few weeks ago at Potomac Bead Company and learned how to make this fringe braclet with seed beads. After I take a class I normally come home and try to do it on my own, to help me to remember the process. The is the second one that I made, and am happy with how it turned out.
Photobucket This doesn't show every step but here's the basic idea. String one strand of beads long enough to make your bracelet, about 7 inches is a normal size. I used larger seed beads. Thread some fishing line or any beading thread onto a needle, about two arm spans long ( yes it's a lot). Thread 4-6 beads onto string. go back through all beads except for the very top on, it is there to hold all of the beads on. Take your need through one of the beads on your strand and continue.

PhotobucketYou should keep moving up and down the center strand as many times as you wish until your bracelet is as full as desired.

Photobucket These bracelets are pretty easy to make once you get going, it's a very repetive pattern, but it does take quiet a bit of time. Pin It

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