DIY Bookshelves

I've been wanting to make these bookshevles for awhile, but just never got around to it. However, today when I walked out of the library, there were boxes brimming with wonderful hardcovered books. I up what I could carry home, as I had walked to the library and planned to return later with my car for somemore. To my dissapointment, when I returned someone else had taken the box that I wanted, oh well. Hopefully they enjoy them.

I read about making shelves out of old books on one of the blogs that I read 31 Everything . I thought that it was such a great use of old books, that are fun to look at, but perhaps not so fun to read. If you go here you can get the tutorial on how to make your own. Really it's not too hard.

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Making the shelves today wasn't a plan until I found the books at the library, so then I had to figure out what I wanted to put on them. I love decorating with stickes, because they look great, plus they're FREE. I wandered around my studio and grabbed a few other things, so heres whats up for now. I the big red ball of yarn I made one night, when I got the idea that I wanted to make a giant yarn ball, I mean giant. However, reality then hit and I wondered what I was going to do with a Giant ball of yarn, so I stopped. I then used cones, which my yarn comes on for weaving and stuck some sticks on them. Pin It

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Bea said...

Oooh, this is awesome! I've had my eye on invisible floating bookshelves for a while now, but if I can do it myself...!