Art Classes

I've been toying around the idea of offering a variety of art making classes at our Mechanicsburg home, and finally decided that I'm going to give it go. As an artist I focus on weaving, however, while in college I studied mixed media and I know teach darkroom and digital photography, jewerly, sculpture, and drawing. So bascially I enjoy working in a large variety of areas and am excited to share my knowledge and my husbands cooking.
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My hope is that the class experience will be relaxing and enjoyable, a way to slow down and destress from a long day. There will be a limit to six people per class, so that each person can get to know eachother, and so that I as the insturctor I can easily work with everyone. What a change that will be from teaching a class of 25!
If you've never tasted my husband's cooking, you need to! He spends a large amount of his free time in the kitchen, and works hard to cook food without processed ingredients, and uses products from our garden and from local farmers.

I am eager to teach those both with experience and those with none. Don't be afraid to take a class. I will work with you no matter what level you are at! So pick a class or two, grab a few friends and come on over to our home.
All classes that are offered are listed on the left side of the page. If there is something that you want to learn and I don't currently have it listed, let me know. Pin It

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