Tiny Treats

I walked into the kitchen, glanced over at the counter and saw these two tiny little cucombers laying on the counter. I was so excited, probably too excited over something so simple, but they were just saw small. My husband had told me that he had planted little popper cucombers, but I had no idea they would be this small. Aren't they great? You can throw them whole right into your salads, or toss a few onto a sandwhich. I can't wait until more are ready to eat!

My husband is also growing mini kiwi's but, we have to wait 7 years until the vine bears fruit, we're on year two, so you and I are going to have to wait for just a few more years until I have photos of those lovely little fruits. Until then I will just have to imagine how great it will be to be able to pull kiwi off of the vine and eat them just like grapes.

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1 comment:

Tim Vidra said...

They look Deelish! I am going to have to find some of those.