Art of the State Favorites

After finding out that two of my college professors, Ted Prescott and Gene Vandyke had work in this years "Art of the State" show at the State Museum in Harrisburg, my husband and I  decided to go and check the show out. We were thrilled to find out that today was also free day at the museum. If you live in the Harrisburg area and have never gone, you really should go and check it out. Regular admission is only $5.00 and there's alot to see. Anyway here are a few of my favorites. I have come to realize that I am drawn to pieces with texture, and more muted neutral colors.



I really loved this quit. The wonderful stitching, and the many great fabrics, made me want to reach out and touch it, prehaps that's why it was behind glass. Some of the fabric also had hand writing on them which I was really drawn to.

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