Orbital Jump Ring Bracelet


I just took another wonderful class at Patomac Bead Company last week and learned how to create the Orbital Jump Ring Bracelet. It was a bit difficult to get it started, but once I got going it wasn't too bad. In fact I came home and made another one with my left over jump rings.

This past week I have been reflecting on my own art work and making. I realized that I often choose to create jewerly as it is less intimidating to me than weaving. For me, making jewelry is simply a process, work out for my hands, which I do greatly enjoy. However, weaving requires much more of me, weaving requires me to search deep within myself, and to reveal my soul . To create something that tears down my walls and leaves me raw and bare. This process is a necessary expoloration and understanding of myself and my emotions, however, it is often a difficult road to travel, one that I continually battle and beg myself to avoid.

For now weaving is winning the battle and I am back into my studio, and hope to finish a piece and post pictures this week.
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