Memories of Granny

My grandmother, Granny, is still living, however her mind is not so great these days. I find it extremely hard to visist her, as she is no longer the Granny that I remember as a child. It is a challenging stage of life to witness a person that you love so dearly slowly disappear in mind and soul, however still be there physically. Many of my grandmothers possesions have been passed down to me. About a year ago I received her sewing basket, I remember sitting and crying as I looked through it, remembering the times when I would go over to her house and she would sew clothes for my dolls, or when she taught me to knit, and to embroider. All these things that had been so dear to her were no longer of use to her slipping mind and aged knuckles. I put the basket away, and hadn't really looked inside until this week. As I pulled out the pile of embroider work and remember wanting so desperately to learn how to do this, and so she taught me. I haven't done embroidery in a long time, but plan to use it in my next weaving piece. It seems as she leaves me slowly, I too must process her leaving, for me creating is how I best process life. So I now going on a jouney, that I am not sure that I want to take, of remembering my wonderful grandmother, and understanding what our relationship is today.

So while the story is somewhat sad, there is a lot of joy to be found in memories, and a lot of beauty to come for projects she was never able to finish, that I will now finish for her, using what she taught me as a little girl.

I began by making stawberries from her fabric. To me the smell of the fabric reminded me of her home.

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JordanandSue said...

What a sweet post, Amber- It is so hard to sort through those emotions of nostalgia & sadness. I'm sure you'll make many happy reminders, though- your work is beautiful! -Sue