Sunshine inside and out

While browsing through etsy I came across this wonderful undiscovered shop. These lights are wonderful and I would love to hang a few of these wonderful organic white ones in my bedroom. I"m not the most organized person in the world, but tonight I finally buckled down and put all of my clean laundry away that had been sitting in baskets. I also started rearranging and now I am excited to redecorate the bedroom. I hope that the rest of you aren't nearly as far behind as I was at putting away my clothes, but I must say that I'm enjoying having my clothes in their drawers, and have a clean bedroom. So if you've been putting off cleaning, get it done before the wonderful sunshine arrives later this week and pulls you outdoors.
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Josh Urso Design said...

Thank you for featuring us! We love your work (especially the "flair" pieces!)and are looking forward to following your blogging adventures.