Molly Lee

I just got back from watching my older brother play basketball, they lost, but it was fun to hang out with family and friends for the evening. My parents church had sculptor, Esther Augsburger speak at their church last Sunday, my mom took some notes that she gave me these evening and I wanted to share a few of the points she wrote down. Just little thoughts for all of you creative people out there to ponder.

- Symbol makes the reality visible
- It is only through art that artists come to understand theology
- True art is the gift of communication from God
- The artist must be true to who he or she is

Check out these great cards below. One of my favorite things is to get "real" mail, which doesn't happen very often. As least not real mail that isn't junk or a bill. When I saw these cards I was thinking how much fun it would be to send these to someone, or to get one in the mail. Who should you send a letter to today?


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Molly said...

Thanks for featuring my pop-up cards! Love your blog!


LuliBags said...

Love those cards!