Coffee Time

I had a wonderful weekend, sometimes rainy weekends are the best. I was able to spend some time in my studio, once we get a sunny day I will photograph what I"ve been working on and share with it all of you. On Saturday my brother called and came over for the afternoon along with some other friends, it was a nice surpise and fun afternoon of conversation with good friends.

My husband and I went to see Alice in Wonderland, we relized in the 5 1/2 years that we have known eachother we have only seen 4 movies in the theater. I must say I kind of like that we haven't been to a ton of movies. When we were dating we didn't want to go to movies, because you're not really spending quality time together, your not talking, just watching. We preferred to sit and talk or go hiking or biking, and that has continued in our marriage. We also don't have television, so little time is spent watching TV together, most of our days consist of me working in my studio, my husband cooking, and then we meet over a wonderful dinner.

This morning I was so excited for breakfast, as Dan had done quiet a bit of cooking last night. He made a wonderful cake with lemon curde, as well as crossants. So this morning I awoke and made a cup of coffee and savored these wonderful treats! I am so spoiled by my husbands wonderful cooking.

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