Far Out Creations

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My name is Rebecca, and I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, just below Pikes Peak, near the Garden of the Gods, which is very inspiring. I am married to a wonderful man who has always encouraged me artistically and have a sweet teenage daughter, an old cranky, but lovable kitty, and the cutest dog in the world, with fur the color of heat oxidized copper. Half long hair Doxie, half Chow.(Don't know how that happened but I'm glad it did.)


I have been playing with beads since I was a young girl, buying seed beads at Tandy Leather, and making wire beads with colored electrical wire. I am old enough that when I went to school girls took home economics, boys took shop. I railed against the system and insisted on metal shop, where I learned how to forge Iron, and hammer it into fireplace sets. I loved it, and it has turned out to be useful information after all these years!

Etsy has been a real blessing for me. My daughter has health issues and it would be very hard for me to work outside the home. And I love my job!!! Don't tell anyone, but I would pay to do this.

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