Ark's Endeavors

I came across this wonderful shop on etsy this weekend and couldn't wait to share this great find with all of you. My favorite pieces in this shop are the reversible skirts, not only are they cute, they are also a wonderful price, and you're getting two skirts in one, making these a great item for traveling. I also really like that the pieces in this shop are created by reusing materials, and she does a great job of turning old things into wonderful new pieces.


I asked Amanda of Ark's Endeavors if she would share a little bit about how she became interested in sewing and the work that she does now, below is the wonderful story she told. While browsing through her shop think about what got you interested in creating, share your story here.

I started making things when I was younger and always loved it. When I was about 12 my mom threw a way a purse that I had been working on for weeks becuase she thought it was scrap fabric. It crushed me but once I was 18 I was back to sewing and making things here and there. Once I got pregnant I ventured into other things like knitting and never stopped. I have always wanted to do clothing but was a little intimidated by it. I started reconstructing vintage clothing (best thing in the world!) and now am taking the leap to makeing custom skirts and soon shirts!I work mainly with thrifted items just because it makes sense to me, why should we buy brand new things from the store when the items at thrift stores are just as good (and have a story behind them). I love giving things new life for people to enjoy. Throughout the years I have saved up quite a bit of money and stopped working August of 09 to pursue my love of creating and selling my creations. I do jobs here and there to get by right now but would love for etsy to become my full time job, that is my goal and I'm slowly getting there and learning more and more everyday. My days are usually scattered between sewing and wrestling with my 3 year old. I think the most important thing about having time to create is having it organized so you can get the most out of your time. If I'm not at home sewing I'm thinking of new ideas or sketching them down, even when I'm shopping (my "me" time and what I do for fun) I'm looking for new things to inspire me.

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susan said...

Yea!! Amanda. Great interview, I wish you luck on your "endeavor" :o)

Madelynnnn said...

I loooove her stuff! I have one of her high waisted skirts and it is perfect! Great seller choice!