Shopping Bags?

I love bags, they are both functional and a wonderful accessory to any outfit. I just feel better carrying around a fun bright and beautiful bag. Most of the time my bag tends to be more like a sack, because I like to be able to fit everything that I might need for the day into my big red bag. However, I love the thought of carrying around one of these wonderfully colorful clutches. This is such a great idea for a bridesmaid gift, as she offers to make these great bags in your wedding colors. Shop today and get 4 for the price of 5, because what is better than one bag... FIVE. Even if you're not getting married these would make great gifts for yourself and four of your lovely girlfriends.


Now this lovely blue bag would just be perfect for work. I teach high school art and travel between two classrooms. I need a nice big bag to carry all the essentials from one room to the other, and of course one must be fashionable while getting the job done. I just might have to put this bag on my birthday wish list... too bad my brithday isn't until April. I would ask for it for Valentines Day, but my husband tends to be really on top of shopping and buys gifts way in advance.


Well here's a nice medium sized bag for your everday lifestyle. This is great bag for about any occasion, and the pattern is wonderful. I really enjoy the neutral colors, and it seems to me that this bag would be great for all seasons.

I am lover of snow, I"m not sure if this is because snow brings out the child in me, or because snow brings hope that my phone just might ring at 6:00 am telling me that I have a two hour delay, which equals two wonderful hours working in my studio watching the snow fall. I really can think of only a few other things that bring me such great joy as surprise extra work time in my studio. So why all this talk about snow, that's what that wonderful bag makes me think of. I love the wonderful organic textured design. This bag will catch peoples eye and is sure to get you compliments. This piece would like great with jeans and a t-shirt or your fancy little cocktail dress. So tell your man to make some reservations and take you somewhere, where you can show off the great new bag that he just bought you. Pin It


The Fancy said...
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TheFancyLamb said...

Wow, these are some amazing bags and I'm flattered that you would include me in them! Now I'm off to go check out some of the others for myself! ;-)