Felt Shell Crochet Scarf

While I love weaving, it is not a portable craft. I can't stand not being able to create while traveling, so I decided to start crocheting. If you haven't noticed by  my scarves I am not one to follow patterns or stirct rules. I like to experiment. I recently learned how to do shell crochet and really enjoyed the pattern. So I decided to continue to work with the idea of shell crochet, but allow it to become more organic, and not count stiches, here's what happened.


I am extremely interested in the felting process, so I now weave with pencil roving, which is basically wool, and is easly turned to felt when put through the washer in warm water. I purchase my pencil roving in neutral colors from the Mannings, in East Berlin, and either leave it neutral or die it afterwards. You can do a similar scarf using yarn of your choosing, however, if you wish to felt the scarf, it needs to be roving or a wool yarn,

Next I begin to crochet, sorry once again there are no specific amount of stiches, I make the first row as long as I want my scarf to be and go on my merry little way. Each section is the shell crochet pattern, but the amount of spacing placed between each shell varies, as I find this more appealing then everything being perfectly spaced. Once again, this is an asthetics choice, and you must choose what you prefer.


After I am satisfied with the length and the width I throw the scarf into the washer and run it through the warm cycle twice, and watch it become wonderfully soft felt. I must admit this is about the only time that I actually do laundry. My husband has learned that when the washer is running and I have loaded it, it is rarely actually loaded with dirty laundry, there is normally a craft project inside.




Don't think you can make one, you can buy one of these great scarves in my etsy shop http://etsy.com/shop/amberkane

If you are not sure how to do shell crochet, check out this great youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PM_RqLJXtY Pin It


Erica said...

Those look great@ I really love the green one!

k8elynne said...

That is such a cool look!
I crochet so stinking tight, lol. Mine never have patterns either, I just make it as long as I want, and then as wide as it can get with the yarn i have ;)


My Owl Barn said...

I love those scarves! Pretty colors!