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I just finished my final paper for my grad class this semester, it feels so good to be finished with another class. However, I have many more to go before I can say that I have my masters. As I was working on my final paper I came across come quotes about creativity that I really enjoyed and thought I should share them with all of the other creative people out there.

I found this to be an intereting defense of not only why it is important to have creative people in society, but also why it is important for all of society to understand creativity.

“This book, which attempts to bring together thirty years of research on how creative people live and work, is an effort to make more understandable the mysterious process by which men and women come up with new ideas and new things. My work in this area has convinced me that creativity cannot be understood by looking only at the people who appear to make it happen. Just as the sound of a tree crashing in the forest is unheard if nobody is there to hear it, so creative ideas vanish unless there is a receptive audience to record and implement them. And without the assessment of competent outsiders, there is no reliable way to decide whether the claims of a self-styled creative person are valid.” (6)

One: “most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity… Without creativity, it would be difficult indeed to distinguish humans from apes.”
“The second reason creativity is so fascinating is that when we are involved in it; we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life.” (Csikszentmihalyi 2)

Two great reasons as to why creativity is important.

“If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it would be complexity. By this I mean that they show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. They contain contradictory extremes- instead of being an “individual,” each of them is a “multitude.” Like the color white that includes all of the hues in the spectrum, they tend to bring together the entire range of human possibilities within themselves.” ( Csikszentmihaly 57 )

What are your thoughts. I actually analyized my personality using Csikszentmihaly's 10 Dimensions of Complexity, it was quiet interesting. Try it yourself.

Here are a few shops run by wonderful creative people

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Almost Precious said...

Extremely interesting post.
I think that without creativity there would be no imagination as one is dependant upon the other. And without either I doubt that our civilization would have ever existed.