Parts of my home


I love decorating our home, but never seem to have as much time to get things done as I need for my ideas. Here are a few of my current favorites in our home. The yellow couch came from my grandmother. It was one of my favorite things in her home, while I was growing up. When she had to move out of home, she gave away her furniture to the grandkids and I was lucky enough to get some great pieces.


This room is our dining room and only has one small window, so we needed more lights, but I didn't have any piece of furniture that was suited for doing the job. So I looked through our house and collected books and magazines that we never read, piled them up, and there was a perfect light stand.


I completed this painting shortly after Dan and I got married. I decided that I wanted to do a painting of my husband and I ever five years that we are married. I am not a big fan of painting, so I thought that I could handle it if I only had to do one each five years. This painting is fun for when people come over, as some are able to see the image of Dan and I right  away and some have to sit and stare for awhile before they are able to see the image. Do you see it? Pin It

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Kaati Rocketts said...

Love the yellow couch, the painting and the wallpaper. Lovely design sense you have.