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Lapomme's Etsy Shop


One of favorite evening activites, is to go browsing through etsy to find new and creative sellers. I've looked at these wonderful applies serveral times, and wanted to share them with you. As a teacher myself I think these would be a great teacher gift, I would love having these somewhere in my home.

MyissaG Etsy Shop

I'm not a big fan of doing dishes, but might enjoy it more if I had these wonderful dish clothes. I just love these colors. What a great gift idea!

Sharona Nissan Etsy Shop


I origanlly was focusing on soft things for this blog post, but stumbled across this belt buckle and totally forgot what my theme was I so excited. I really enjoy the combination of materals. What a great piece to add a fun and fashion to your outfit! Pin It


LuliBags said...

These are lovely. I agree about the dish cloths!

MG said...

Thank you so much for featuring my dishcloths here :)