How to Design and Crochet a Cowl

Basic Crochet Cowl

With Amber Kane

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Step 1:

  Choose what type of yarn, and what size crochet hook you wish to use. Any will work; it just depends on your preferences.

The thicker the yarn, the chunkier and heavier your cowl will be. Also the thicker your yarn, the larger your crochet hook should be. If you tend to be impatient and like to see results quickly, choose thicker yarn, and a large crochet hook, it will speed up the process.

If you want a more delicate cowl, choose thinner yarn, and a smaller crochet hook.

If you wish to have a lacey looking cowl, choose thin yarn and a larger crochet hook, this will create larger openings in each stitch.

Step 2:

Since I don’t like counting stitches and this is written so that you can use any gauge of yarn, and any size crochet hook, here’s how we will get started. The cowl that we are creating is designed to go over your head once, not an infinity scarf where it wraps once or twice. You are going to start with the chain stitch. Continue until your chain measures about 28” inches.

Step 3:

You are going to connect the two ends of your chain, so that you are crocheting in a circle. This can be a bit challenging for the first row, but after that it makes it super easy. To connect your chain, take your crochet hook, and put it through the very first stitch on your chain, do a double crochet, and you should be connected.

Step 4:

You are now crocheting your first row of double crochet in the round. As you are going around the first time, make sure that you chain is not twisted. You only need to really watch this for the first row, after that it will be simple. If it gets twisted you will end up having a twisted cowl.

Step 5:

continue crocheting double crochet around your circle until your cowl is the size that you want it to be. Once you are happy with the size, cut the end of your yarn from the ball, and tie into a knot.


For more inspiration check out a few of my pinterest boards, cowls, crochet.

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The Teacup Monster said...

This is great! Awesome tutorials. I didn't know how to crochet but now I feel like I've been doing it a while. Great job!

fabricatedends said...

Wonderful! I'd love to see photos of what you're working on. YOu can email them:

fabricatedends said...

Wonderful! I'd love to see photos of what you're working on. YOu can email them: