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I came across this saying while browsing over pinterest, and felt that it explained my creative processes perfectly.

I was listening to a TED talk about contemporary art, and the speaker shared his criteria for art making:

1. you should be able to explain the concept to your grandmother in 5 minutes
2. It should be a combined effort of the head, the heart, and the hands.

These two ideas struck me in their simplicity and difficulty. Often we get caught up in the fact that our art is better, if it's just so out there, that it becomes good because no one can actually explain why it is good.

Most of my work can be explained to my grandmother in 5 minutes. What I spent a lot of time thinking about and am still thinking about is the connection between head, heart, and hand. I great piece of art does demonstrate this connection, which I always knew, it was just never stated in such simple and easy to understand terms to me before.

What in your life is an expression of your head, your heart, and your hands all working together on one common goal? Pin It

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