Intro to Pinterest

I spent some time the other night, giving a quick overview as to how to use pinterest. So if you've been thinking about using pinterest, but are a little intimated about it, hopefully this helps. This is just the basics of how it works.

When you log onto pinterest, this is the first screen that you are going to see. Think of this screen like it is a magazine that you subscribe to. It's a collection of images. As the connect/ follow more people, this first screen should start to fill up with images that are really interesting to you.

If you want to search for person, or a particular type of item here's how.

There is a search bar on the top left corner of the page. Type in whatever you wish to search for. I searched for Amber Kane. The images that first come up on the page are "pins" meaning they are images that people have shared that have the name Amber Kane included. So some of these images are related to me, and some are related to other people with the same name.

To find a person you need to go to the top left of the board and click people. Then you will see a screen that looks like this.

When you click on the people search, you will get all of the people named Amber Kane. You then click on the one that you are looking for.

If you click on me, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this.

You now can see all of my boards. If you think of the first page or landing screen like a magazine. This page is a bunch of folders or bulletin boards of things take out of the magazine and added to my collection.

Why this is more fun than cutting images from a magazine.

1. There are a ton more images
2. It's free
3. It's really easy to share the images with your friends, and connect with people that have similar interests to you

Once your own my page, if you like any of my collections you can hit the follow button, then anything that I add to that board will show up on your landing page ( magazine).

There are several ways that you can add images to pinterest that aren't already there. One way is to look to the top left of the screen and click the add button. You will then see a screen that looks like this.

If you click upload a pin, you can add pins that you have saved on your computer. You can not pin directly from facebook. If you want to pin an image from facebook, you need to save it to your desktop and then upload it.

Also many websites , like mine, have a pin it button included on their site. If you like something that you like on the site click the pin it button, select the board where  you want to save it, and your done. !!

Another great way is to add the pin it button to your toolbar, this allows you to pin almost anything that you see on the Internet with one simple click. , follow the directions on this link to add the pin it button to your toolbar.

Pin It

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