What I Wore

If you follow me on facebook , you know that I deem a day pretty darn successful, if I make it through the whole day in my pj's. Well it's back to teaching, so no more PJ days ( except on the weekends).  I've learned that with dress I'm pretty much all in , or all out. I like to put no effort into it, or I like to go for it and have a lot of fun with what I"m wearing. 

If I'm out and about I like to feel good about what I"m wearing. I didn't get a photo of my bright pink shoes... ahh they are so fun. But really, this outfit is comfortable, stylish, professional, and shows my personality.

Skirt: Target, it moves so wonderfully when you walk
Shirt: Old Navy
Scarf: Amber Kane ;)
Leather Cuff: Amber Kane

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