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I am me, just me, one person, sometimes I forget

Last week I vacationed at the beach for two days , stopped at home for a day to repack, traveled to Philly to do a presentation at the Philadelphia Museum of art, arrived home, repacked and headed to Wilmington De, for a craft show. My husband and arrived home to a living room full of stuff, full of my stuff… but we were leaving for Puerto Rico in three days, so it was going to have to wait.

While driving home from Wilmington, I sat and wrote a hefty to do list… if one saw it they would have thought it was to be accomplished in three weeks, not three days.


Here’s a taste: ( and yes, I wrote blog post and scheduled them to post while I'm traveling)

-          unpack from last three trips
-          visit with two of my friends
-          weave 4 new scarves ( this in and of itself is 2 solid days at the least)
-          photograph and blog about new work
-          write newsletter
-          update mailing list
-          go to the library
-          work out
-          make scarf how to videos
-          respond to emails
-          clean the house

And it went on from there. Sometimes I swear I must think that I’m super women when I make these lists. I’m proud to say that I did get most things checked off of the list. And I need to be okay with the things that didn’t get checked off. I have to learn and admit that my brain never stops. There are always new ideas, my head is exhausting.

What I understand

-          I have a lot of ideas and ambitions, that’s great, but I need to let myself off the hook sometimes.
-          Sometimes I need to ask for help
-          Make that a lot of times I need to ask for help
-          I must accept that because of my nature I will never awake to a day where everything is crossed off the list
-          Embrace the fact that there is so much that I wish to do in life that I can never do it all
-          Be thankful for inspiration
-          Be thankful that I’m never bored

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