Anjules 2 Sisters with Signature Style

I'm really excited to share the amazing work of these two sisters with you today. Angela, Julie, and I are all members of the Yellow Breeches Craft Guild which is where I first learned about their awesome work. 

Angela Heim and Julie Reitenbach, are artisan jewelers that own the AnJules studio in Loyalton, PA.

The richly diverse styles of these two sisters produce an array of jewelry from the everyday jewelry to precious gemstone laden jewelry

AnJules customers travel miles to experience the hands-on designing approach Angela & Julie allow when creating jewelry in the AnJules studio. Clients love to experience the studio atmosphere; touching and seeing the gemstones, metals and tools used to create the jewelry. Clients leave the AnJules studio with a new appreciation for artisan custom jewelry. For more information on AnJules, please visit

Their Process

The designing process begins with an inspired moment when Julie and Angela sketch designs. Once an idea has been rough designed on paper, then the true fun begins when Angela and Julie go in search of the perfect gemstones, pearls or beads. The gemstones and beads are the open door to so many ideas! The duo attends wholesale gem trade shows frequently through out the year to search out the highest quality semi-precious gems and handcrafted beads from artisans around the world. Once the selections have been made, the designers work zealously to create that one-of-a-kind jewelry they are known for. 

Meet the Designers:

Who We Are
Julie brings a bright smile to every one around her and is the extroverted side of AnJules. 

Julie has a medical background and is very skilled phlebotomist. She is married to Dwayne and has a son, Trevor. Julie, AKA 'soccer mom', is often seen running Trevor to his many practices, games or functions. Julie enjoys the beach and 'treasure hunting' with Trevor. The family lives in Dwayne's homestead with two dogs, three goats and six chickens as pets. The oldest of the two dogs, Puggsley is often a vistor in the AnJules studio and can be see in some Facebook posts for his human attitude that he displays. 

Angela is the diva of AnJules. As a young girl, Angela dreamed of being a princess, so it's not unusual to see her working in the studio wearing a tiara.

She feels that is it important to feel special when creating beautiful things.

Angela is married to Jason and has two children, Kristen and Austin. Austin is the mini version of Jason while Kristen is the petite diva of the Heim house. The AnJules studio is in Angela's house and has been designed to allow the Angela the freedom to work while being able to keep an eye and ear on the children playing outside or in another area of the house. Jason lends his skills and opinion on all things AnJules from building a display or critiquing a new designs aesthetic. Angela and Jason are very active parents and love to keep the children involved in daily activities.

Come and meet this two lovely ladies and see their amazing work in person at Fall into Fine Craft. Oct 27 & 28th at the Carlisle Expo Center, Carlisle Pa.

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