Sandra the Scarf on Changing the World

I don't know about you, but my life is pretty busy these days. With everything going on I sat down to really think about what are things that I truly care about, what's my purpose, what do I want to do in this life. And two concepts came to mind. Teach people to think, really think, and bring joy into the world. For a moment I was thrilled, okay just two things not too bad. Then  I sat and thought harder about my two goals. they're pretty big, but I also think that they are pretty important. 

I recently finished my masters degree in Creativity Studies, and it really got me thinking about teaching/ helping people to think critically. Studies show that by the time people reach adulthood there are only about 2% that have the ability to be divergent thinkers.( Compare convergent thinking thinking in an unusual and unstereotyped way, e.g. to generate several possible solutions to a problem)  There are ways to strengthen your ability to think, but we'll get into that later. My scarves demand me to push the broundries and my way of thinking everyday.


My second goal of bringing joy into the world is wear the scarves come into play big time. The Scarves like Sandra start by bringing me a lot of joy through the process of listening and creating them. They then travel into the world to bring joy to others. Every women feels better when she feels beautiful, when she feels loved, and when she knows that she has something special. Each scarf is designed and created with love, each textile is woven with a women like you in mind. Each one of a kind accessory is created to make your load lighter, your day brighter, and to put a smile on your face. 

Scarves by Amber Kane: Drape yourself in a Dream

This is a really good reminder. Often I question why isn't someone doing something to bring more creative thought into our schools. Why aren't people spending more time trying to make those around them have a better day. It's time to stop asking why other's aren't doing it, and focus on how I can. What are your goals? What impact do you want to make on your world?

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