A lesson in floating

As I worked on Michelle I found amazing calming comfort in how the colors were reacting to one another. And as this smoothing soothing comfort washed over me, I began to understand on a deeper level than usual all of the things that being an artist requires of me, as the maker. Creating asks the maker to move forward with an extreme amount of courage. My scarves ask a lot from me, they demand my full attention, openness, a willingness to experiment and to fail. The ability to turn a mistake into a success, they ask me to make them when I'm happy, sad, tired, overwhelmed. No matter what my mood, the scarves never stop talking, always asking me to have the courage to take the next step forward, to have the courage to move forward without knowing where we are going.

Michelle asks me to have the courage to try something new, to trust that it would all work out, and even if it didn't , would that really matter? Michelle reminded me that life is made up of tiny moments, and that each moment should be appreicated for  excatly that and that it alone, for it brings at that exact time, and then let go, allowed to float away. Life gets scary when we try to connect all of the moments in the past and the future and try to plan where things will go, and that fear takes away our courage to move.

So let go, let  each moment be small and light, and let it float away, not worrying where it came from or where it's going.

--------Float ------



Source: bit.ly via Kristi on Pinterest

This amazing, gravity-defying floating balloon canopy from The Guardian (photo credit: David Levene) (via Pinterest) is honestly one of the coolest outdoor wedding ideas weve seen yet! media-cache4.pint... hiweddingmatch diy wedding projects

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2011 (by BristolPhotos - Daugirdas Tomas Photography) Pin It

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