Azul's kindness

From spring 2 scarves 2012
Ever scarf is a new opportunity to learn, to learn both about the process of making, but also to learn about life. Each scarf stretches me, asks new questions and asks me to keep on stepping forward, trusting that the ground where my foot will land is solid.

Even if we are unhappy with our lives, it is often easier to stay where we are, instead of taking that first step forward. Every time that I sit down at the loom, the scarves ask me to take another step forward. I don't know where they are going to take me, I don't know what emotions I"m going to be asked to face, I just know that I have to move forward, I have to try, have to listen, and have to share.

Azul new that I was struggling, that I was tired, that I was doubting myself. That's why everything about her is blue. But in the end, she wasn't a sad scarf, she was a kind scarf, she understood where I was, she knew that I couldn't take a lot and so she gently conforted me. I am a tactile person, and being able to just sit and feel the yarn run through my fingers was incredibly soothing and calming.

Azul was the last of a grouping to come off of the loom, and normally the next step is to sew the magnets into them, but Azul said no. " you need to feel the yarn, put us aside, finish us later" And so I did, I redressed the loom and coninuted weaving. A whole week passed before I went back and completed the scarves, but there was such a soothing freedom in knowing that they would wait patiently. In knowing that at this moment I needed to weave, I needed to watch the new fabric emerge, and I needed to be able to hold all of this wonderfully soft fabric that I was creating.

Be flexible, be willing to do things differently than you did before, be open to change.

From spring 2 scarves 2012
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