Write your buisness plan now

I"m not one for making new years resolutions. I love making goals, and enjoy checking them off even more, but I don't like making specific resolutions. But I will say that a new year, means time to review the old buisness plan and make adjustments. A few tips on running your own buisness.

--------WRITE IT... SHARE IT-----------------

1. If you don't write it down and tell others about it, you most likely won't do it.

This year my husband and I sat down together and discussed our goals big and small for our jobs and lives. We then wrote them down and discussed ways to keep eachother accountable. So come up with your goals, and share them with someone. You can share them with me, and we can dicuss how I can help keep you accoutable. If interested email me @ amberkane1314@hotmail.com .

----------GOALS AND ACTION PLAN---------------

2. Set your goals, and create an action plan, how are you going to make those goals happen?

It's easy to say that you want your buisness to be successful, or that you want to make more money, but how are you going to do that? I first determined how much money I would like to make from my buisness, I then determined how many scarves I would have to sell in order for that to happen. After seeing how many pieces I needed to sell to reach my goal, I created a schedule of how many scarves I need to create each week in order to even have a chance of meeting my goal. The numbers are a bit daunting, but very helpful. You also need to determine how are you going to let others know about your work. How much are you willing to spend on advertising each year?

--------MARKETING PACKAGE--------------------

3. Develop a marketing package.

You can't just expect people to come to you. You need to tell them about your work, and you need to do it in a professional manner. Make it easy on yourself and put time into creating a professional looking package, that with some tweaking you can send out to many different people to let them know about your work. Create a look book that presents a good sampling of your work, create it as a pdf file so that it's easy to send out. Make a professional cover letter, but make it personal, make it reflect your buisness. You can adjust the letter as needed when sending it out, but this way you have a template to start with.


4. Inventory: come up with an easy and effective way to keep track of your inventory. If you start selling wholesale and or on consignment you need to know what you have and what you've sold. Come up with a simple number system to label all of your work, this will also be helpful when creating a line sheet if you decide to sell wholesale, or an inventory sheet if you're selling on consignment.

Need helping making goals and keeping them? Email me so we can discuss how I can help you succeed this year. amberkane1314@hotmail.com Pin It

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