Digital Photo Editing: Learn some basic tips to Make your Photos Look Great

Digital Photo-Editing for Craftsmen – March 10

March 10 – Saturday, 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Location: Boiling Springs High School – Room 302, Boiling Springs (Directions)

Instructor: Amber Kane

Skill Level: Intro/Refresher Course

Cost: $65.00

Ever wish that you could make your photos look better, but don’t have the knowledge or the right programs on your computer?

Get exposed to two free photo editing software programs that you can download from the internet, and learn some fast and fun ways to make your photos look like you hired a professional! Bring your memory card along and together we’ll walk through the programs, and you will leave class with some newly edited photos and photo skills.

There will be brief introduction to Adobe Photoshop as well, to give examples of what a purchased program can do, that free online services cannot.

Supply List:

■Memory card from your digital camera, with photos on it

■Your camera, and camera cord to transfer photos onto the computer

Click to register or call 717-431-8706. For inquiries email

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