Kristina Marie: Paper Garland Decor

My husband and I are going home for the holidays, and I"ve been super busy lately so I didn't get around to decorating the house this year, but if I did, I would love to use the awesome garland by Kristina Marie. It would also look great wrapped around a gift. How did you decorate this year?

Here's how Kristina Marie decided to create the above lovely garland.

Although I always dreamt of being an artist as a child, my love for creating truly became manifest about 8 years ago upon taking my first college art class. Every new course and medium brought about new ideas and dreams as to what kind of artist I would become—I loved everything. Fortunately I had professors that placed worth in experimentation, encouraging us to develop concepts without feeling boxed into any particular medium. After a season of living in an Italian convent studying art, language and culture, I spent the culmination of my college career screen printing up a storm and creating a large silk mobile that took over 300 hours of hand-sewing! I learned that great work demands great work ethic, discipline and a heap of curiosity. I look back at these years with a big smile and a grateful heart.

I spent the next two years working any job I could obtain, mulling over life decisions and feeling creatively frustrated at my lack of direction in an unstable economy. Instead of creating art, I began creating tasty baked goods, lovingly tackling complicated recipes and teaching myself how to can and preserve. I love eating seasonally and attempting to understand how we ate before grocery stores and the boom of corporate food culture. It makes me feel more human and reliant on God’s provisions, a concept that has deeply impacted what and how I create.

So, why garland? In the Fall of 2009 I unleashed my entrepreneurial curiosity and set out to design, develop, manufacture and market a product independently. I chose to expand upon the decor concept of garland and bunting by creating a variety of garlands using recycled, sustainable and specialty materials—a fresh new approach to modern decorating. What began as an experiment led to a fascination with product design, material culture studies, branding and more importantly a love for creating work that initiates a smile and an appreciation for beauty in it’s simplest form. I’d like my clients to experience functional, decorative solutions that evoke old-world notions of simple pleasures and handmade values. I hope that this continues to be evident in everything that I create. Pin It

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