Jessica Keemer Designs

I met Jessica last weekend at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman Fine Craft Show, she was part of the EMERGE program, and was in the booth right next to mine. Jessica is full of energy and super sweet, and her work is even SWEETER! At the end of the show we made a trade, she got one of my Flair Scarves, and  I got two wonderful pairs of her earrings. To see more of her work, visit her website:

Artist Statement

I make objects that respect and are influenced by our natural environment. Seeing myself as part of the natural world I recognize the balance between humans and nature. My influences come from the flora and fauna around me, and the collections of once living and naturally formed objects I have found.

The materials I choose to use when making my artwork are responsibly mined, collected or purchased. Enamel lets me explore the subtle gradations of color found in the natural world. When complete, each piece I make holds a memory of the natural world through its form and texture.

Making art is about discovering. My hope is that my works of art influence others to be informed about the environment and its issues as well as recognizing the balance between humans and nature. Each time I start a new piece a conversation begins. Pin It

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