Inspiring: Hisano Takei

I've been sharing a lot of my work lately, and wanted to share work of an artist who inspires me. I saw her work in American Craft Magazine, and her pieces of stuck in my mind. There are a lot of images that we look at and forget, but these I always remember. I would really love to touch them.

Do you look at other artists work to gain inspiration?

In 2004 Hisano Takei was pursuing an M.F.A. in metals and jewelry at the State University of New York at New Paltz when she was assigned her first graduate school project—to make 10 related objects in 10 days. Takei panicked. She knew it was impossible to complete 10 pieces of jewelry out of metal in that time frame. So she turned to wool, and 10 days later she completed the project.

I am really in love with her work. I really wish that I could touch these pieces, they look wonderfully soft, and super fun to wear. They almost remind me of wearing a cloud around your neck.

To read more about her work visit American Craft Magazine:

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