Holiday RAWk

Check out some of the  great artists that will be showcasing their work, along with Fabricatedends at the very first Holiday RAWk, sponsored by RAW.

You can buy your tickets for the show here:

Be sure to purchase your tickets by Thursday Dec 1st at 12:00 pm
Square Peg Artery and Salvage

Square Peg Artery &; Salvage is a handmade artisan boutique promoting over 300 primarily local artisans since 2008. Peruse our vast and eclectic selections of jewelry, garments, cards, bath and beauty items, bags, home decor, glass, reclaimed/reconstructed objects, kid’s things, fine arts, and more! Most of our items are one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and ALL are handmade. Check out our calendar for events like workshops, artist openings, and sidewalk exposés . Help support independent business and the unique artisans that bring beauty and mind expansion to Philadelphia and the world!

So, why buy handmade, you may wonder?

It’s more sincere… more meaningful… to treat yourself or loved one (or family member, best friend, kindred spirit, bosom buddy, chum, sidekick, crony, classmate, workmate, ally, associate, main man, main lady, mate, buddy, bud, amigo, compadre, homeboy, or homegirl) to something that was imagined and brought into tangible form by your fellow human being. It can make one feel uplifted knowing that s/he is supporting an individual’s skills and craftsmanship directly. It’s more personable to contribute and re-connect to a culture where thoughtful decisions are often made to upcycle, repurpose and reconstruct items that defy the mass production and box-chain mentalities.

Please consider buying handmade for yourself and the peeps in your life, and request that they do the same for you!

Tough Luv

Tough Luv is the creation of designer Elaine Lai. After attending OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Elaine worked for several well-known fashion brands. It was through her work experience that Elaine fell in love with the process of garment dying and the endless possibilities that could be achieved when subjecting finished garments to hand treatments and dyes. Combined with an eye for fine details, and a passion for music and art, the groundwork for the brand was laid. Tough Luv was born to cross the bridge between modern edge and feminine flair, unquestionable style and undeniable comfort, deconstructed detailing with artfully washed, carefree knit fabrics.

Today, Elaine has taken Tough Luv to the next level. With distribution in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York, Tough Luv is proudly made locally in Philadelphia, and is sold in over two hundred boutiques and specialty stores nationwide. Elaine transforms staple fabrics like American-made cotton french terries and tee-shirt jerseys into fashion forward designs without sacrificing wearability, comfort, or detailing. Tough Luv seamlessly blends edgy street looks with feminine touches, resulting in a line that is cool, flirty, and fun.

Deidre Grant

I am a Philadelphia born freelance makeup artist. As a teen, I discovered my love for the arts through fine art painting and drawing in high school. Growing up, I was never around makeup. After my aunt introduced me to M.A.C and gave me my first lipglass, an obsession began! Makeup quickly became my medium of choice.

In the beginning, I only did makeup on myself. You can be your own best advertisement! Friends began asking me to do their makeup for fun, and then it was for events, and later weddings. I started to enjoy doing makeup on others more than on myself. I wanting to learn more, so I studied and discovered YouTube J, purchased books and researched makeup artist after makeup artist. I became so inspired by artists like Sam Fine, Scott Barnes, Mylah Morales and the late Kevin Aucoin and that is to name only a small few.

I wanted to have professional training, so I researched and attended the Academy of Freelance Makeup in Manhattan, NYC, where I completed my combined foundation and advanced certificate. It was one of the best decisions I made; I have been trained in makeup from some of the best artists in the London and NYC freelance industry: Chi Chi Saito, Michelle Webb, Ingeborg, Lazarus, Mykel Renner, and many more. My training includes basic bridal and grooming, advanced print, runway and avant garde to body painting. Through AOFM, I have had the dream opportunity to work backstage at Couture Fashion Week NYC Fall ’11 and Global Fashion Awards ’11.

I consider my personal style to be “Clean”. I always aim for clean, blended application and perfected skin, no matter if I am doing a “no makeup, makeup” look or an extravagant theatrical style makeup.

I love the freedom and creativity that makeup artistry gives me. I also love that I get know and work with so many other creative people in the industry!

Fabricatedends by Amber Kane

Amber Kane is a fiber artist with her degree in art education from Messiah College, and is a full-time high school art teacher. Amber creates her work in her home studio located in Mechanicsburg; PA. Kane's work is deeply rooted in process and discovery. Her goal is connect to each piece and to learn through the process of creating.

Amber’s designs are inspired by a combination of nature, pure imagination, and response to the material. Amber abandoned the traditional rules of weaving after many failed attempts at following patterns. After utter frustration, she learned that the book that she was following was on recall as it was missing some pages. The missing pages turned out to be a blessing that totally freed Amber, and allowed her work to begin to truly reflect her honest and true spirited nature. Most of Kane’s designs result from figuring out how to fix a mistake. Kane uses a loom, crocheting, and felting to create her one of kind pieces.

An important part of the creative process for Kane is daydreaming, and she tries to allow at least a half an hour to daydream each evening. During these times is when most of her ideas begin to develop. She allows ideas to incubate in her mind before actually making them, trying to get problems worked out first.

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