Happy Friday

I decided to take off work today, as I have a ton of things going on in my life right now, all good, but am having trouble getting everything done. So I took the day off to work on my thesis for grad school. My goal is to complete writing chapter 3 and chapter 4 today. That will put me pretty close to being finished.

I'm then heading to the G Loung in Philly tonight for a walk through for a RAW showcase that I"m doing on Dec 1st. RAW showcase are totally new to me, so I"m learning as I go. But am really excited about the process.

I"m also hoping to get a short run in today, dress the loom, and put away my laundry. Not the most thrilling day off ever, but it will feel really good to get a few of these items off of my plate.

So now that I've shared my goals with everyone, I have to get them done. I'll report back with what I accomplished, and hopefully have some fun photos from Philly tonight.

Happy Friday everyone. Pin It

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