Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone, my week has been pretty crazy and I have been waiting for this day to arrive. This morning I overslept, and had about 20 minutes to make my breakfast, get dressed, feed the dog and cat and get out the door. I hate when days start out totally crazed. Hopefully the rest of the day will be much calmer.

Tonight I"m going to go home and work on cleaning the house. Tomorrow I'm having a craft day with some friends. The goal is to help us all get a head start on our Christmas gifts and cards, plus it should be fun. And my wonderful husband, who is also a great cook, volunteered to make some snacks for the day.

So after I finish cleaning I"m looking forward to crawling into bed, watching a movie, and doing some embroidery. I know that doesn't sound like the most exciting Friday night, but to me it is perfect.

What do you like to do on Friday evenings?

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