I recently read the book " The Einstein Factor" one section of the book was on the concept of free noting. The idea of freenoting, is while listening to a lecture write down everything and anything that pops into your head, as you are listening. What you write down doesn't need to have any direct connection to the topic. Freenoting is used to help you to pay attention. When you are doodling/free noting, it allows the message of the lecture to enter into your mind through your subliminally, which helps you to make connections between what the lecture is about and your life, which will make you more likely to remember the information. I attended a wonderful symposium on Art Education at the Harrisburg State Museum and decided that this would be the perfect time to try the idea. I felt that it worked great, not only did I remember a lot of what people said that day. I also had some great creative ideas for my own work. I scanned in the pages from my notes. Enjoy. I encourage you to try this yourself.

I had about 10 more pages of notes, but figured you can get this feel from these. Pin It

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