Progression of work by Fabricatedends

I thought that it would be fun to go back and take a look at how my work has changed over the years.

I was weaving for a few years before I started making these scarves, but once I came up with the design for these ruffled textured scarves, I really began to develop my own voice through weaving. These scarves were inspired by fields that I rode by bike by, mainly in the morning on my way to work.

Through this series, I began doing a very free lose weave on the loom and doing stitching detail with the sewing machine.

The machine detail made me begin to think more about working with surface design and started to experiement with embroidery.

I don't like traditional embroidery patterns, I wanted the emboridery to be organic, therefore I normally did not have much of a plan, and let the piece develop as I worked on it.

This piece came to life because I saw a knifty knitter at a craft store and bought it. I had one when I was really young, but never could figure out how to use it, so I wanted to give it another try. The knifty knitter gave birth to a whole new line of scarves.

After working with my small knifty knitter I bought ones in all different sizes. Here I was thinking about making an oversized pearl necklace... just for fun

This was the first scarf that  I made that worked with both weaving and braiding. It came about because I had majorly miscalculated on the amount of yarn that I needed for a particilar piece. I try very hard not to waste yarn, so I worked on braiding the ends. I really did not like the piece when I first made it. But looking at a few months later inspired me to take the concept and keep working with it. I then made a whole line of scarves with braides, and later began adding metal to the pieces.

 Making the scarves with braides caused me to start thinking about jewelry. So I created some pieces that were just braides with metal to be worn more as a necklace.


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