Fiber Art Work in Progress

I spend most of time creating pieces that are funcational. But decided that I wanted to try to push myself, and work on creating a piece that is non functional. I started by purchasing a bunch of wool sweaters from Salvation Army and fleting them in the washing maching. I then wanted to add stitching to felting, just to create some texture and detail. I really didn't have much of a plan, but love circles, so started by sewing a circle pattern into the felt. I began to notice that as I sewed the circle pattern, the felt actually began to develop into a 3D form. Once I realized that it would do this, I played with it some more, and made more effot to control it. I have always love how stitching looks and am really having fun playing with this. I"m still not totally sure what I want the finished product to turn into, or how I want the piece to be displayed. But I am having a blast creating the designs and wonderful forms.

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