The Help

Recently I decided that I really wanted to start reading more. I used to read a lot when I was a kid, and then somehow fell out of the habit. But, now that I've started reading again, I'm loving. What's better then curing up with a cup of coffee or tea and a great book. Plus with all of the rain that PA had last week, there were a lot of great rainy evenings to read. I just finished reading " The Help" yesterday and loved it. Such a good story, and so easy to read. The only problem was, all I wanted to do was read, which made it a bit challenging to get everything else done that I was supposed to be doing. I"m going to create a new tab: My Reading List, and begin to complile a list of the books that I"m reading and that I like.

I love getting reading suggestions from other people, so if you're reading a good book, leave a comment with the title, author, and tell us a bit about it. Help everyone spend more time reading good books.

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falco verholen said...

- The Deadly Space Between - Patricia Duncker

- The Raw Shark Texts

- Life of Pi

- everything by Haruki Murakami (love)

Reading is wonderful. Have fun and a nice day :-)