The Einstein Factor and Disney Fantasia

" The Einstein Factor"

A major point in The Einstein Factor, is that people need to take more time to really pay attention to what is going on around them, and pay attention to their subconcious. Our subconcious, knows far more than we give it credit for, and has vital information to share with us, if we choose to pay attention to it. One technique for paying better attention to our subconcious is that of descirbing things around us, using all five of our sense to describe an object. While describing the object, you should speak out load to create a metal loop. You are seeing the object in your mind, speaking outload, and also hearing what you are saying. This practice shuts off the logical, more critical part of your brain, and allows for free flowing thought. It also allows for the subconcious to share what it knows with your concious. Give a try.

Here's a brief description that I wrote about my coffee cup to give you the general idea.

My coffee mug is tall and stought, fat at the bottom with a thin waste, a fluted lip. The mug is smooth and shiny, nice to touch. It is warm and welcoming and curls up in the palm of my hand. The mug tastes like melted chocolate that slowly runs down the back of my throat. The mug is not perfect, but it's imperfections make it real, make it human. The large cup with a nice round curved handle becomes a warm friend on a cold afternoon. The base is large and solid, the mug is strong and strudy, yet somehow weak. It smells sweet, it carries the aroma of coffee, the scent is perfect.

Walk Disney created the movie Fantasia based on a similar idea, he was listening to music, and decided to show what the music looked like to him, altough we cannot true see music. For Disney, when he heard music, he also saw music. Pin It

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