Route to Creativity: Following Bliss or Dots

Creativity needs rules, it need restraints, walls, and hills to climb-
Creativity is lost if it is given the complete freedom to go where the wind may lead-
All too often when following the wind, creativity goes for a nice peaceful ride and then gets lost.

I found the article a good reminder that my own creativity needs to be focused, otherwise I don't seem to get anywhere.

Last winter I created a rule that I wasn't allowd to buy any new supplies, and therefore had to make all of my art from the supplies that existed in my studio. This was a fun challenge a great way to use some of the supplies that have just been sitting in my studio not getting used.

Right now I"m focusing on making pieces just to make them, to learn. I was finding that I was creating pieces just to sell, which isn't always a bad thing, but I wanted to get away from that. So for this month I not allowed to sell whatever I make, I have to make it for myself, make a gift, or create a giveaway. Entere here for your chance to win a new bracelet:
What do you do to help with your creativity?

Interesting Article in the New York Times about how creative thought really works:

To the roster of favorite oxymo rons that includes ''jumbo shrimp,'' ''military intelligence'' and ''healthy tan,'' a new report proposes a tart addition: ''artistic freedom.''

By the reckoning of three Israeli researchers, nothing imprisons the mind more thoroughly, nothing stifles inventiveness and artistry more brutally, than too much freedom, too much wiggle room for the imagination. Instead, they argue, the real source of productive creativity may lie in art's supposed bugaboos: rules, structure, even the occasional editor or two.

In an essay in the current issue of the journal Science, Dr. Jacob Goldenberg, Dr. David Mazursky and Dr. Sorin Solomon of Hebrew University in Jerusalem describe an algorithm, or formula, for creating new advertisements that is surprisingly simple, yet unnervingly effective. When they fed the algorithm into a computer, it generated advertising concepts judged more original and appealing than equivalent advertisements spawned by a group of humans who were told, in essence, to ''follow their bliss.''

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