Etsy Find: Dogknot

Check out these wonderful sculpture forms created by dogknot.

My work as a painter was always more about sculpture than paint. I considered the paintings objects rather than simply surfaces upon which paint had been applied. The images I painted were containers of a self-imposed, laborious and complex process that was ultimately hidden from the casual viewer. Although still conceptually interesting, I grew more and more detached from the process and desired a more physically engaging and personally truthful form of expression.


Additionally motivated by my desire for a respite from an ever-increasing reliance on technology during daily life, I consciously sought a direct and primal means of creation that required only my hands, mind and a few simple materials. After many years of sculptural explorations since moving away from painting, I was exposed to coiling and other traditional basketry and fiber techniques. These methods of construction quickly became the foundation of my sculptural work.

The pieces physically contain and visibly document the obsessive and laborious construction processes rather than simply depicting (or hiding) them. I am increasingly interested in exposing the insides/undersides that are normally hidden and protected from the viewer as well as continuing to formally explore the body, inside and out, in more abstract terms. Pin It

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