New Mexico

My husband and I took a week long trip to New Mexico to visit friends, and I fell in love. The weather was wonderful, while it got hot during the day, the evenings and mornings were perfect. Everyone we met was extremely friendly, and this was a wonderful relaxed vacation.

We visited Ghost Ranch, which was the home of Painter Georgia O'Keefe


We stopped in Taos, New Mexico to visit the Earthships. Earthships are made out of recycled materials, and are built in a way that allows for the home to run itself without any utility bills!


Supplies for  making an earthship


Click here to learn more about earthships, and to see more great examples of these unique homes

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Mami Made It said...

New Mexico must be great! It seems you had an awesome trip!

fabricatedends said...

Mami Made it, it is a wonderful place, I would recommend visiting if you can.