Etsy finds: Green At Heart

I've been dreaming about making rugs for my house for awhile now, but have yet to actually do so. I just can't decide what I want them to look like, and since it's such a big undertaking,  I really want to be happy with whatever I decide to do. While searching for inspiration I came across these great braided rugs by Green At Heart.

Here's some information about the artist and her process:

Hello, My Name is Laury and I have been sewing for over 20 year. I enjoy using recycled materials and making new items. I have been with Etsy for a little over a year now. I started out making all kinds of things and my Etsians have shown me, that I need to make rugs.

The rugs have become SUPER popular and I have a ton of orders all the time. The rugs are made from recycled t shirts that are purchased from local Charities, like churches and Salvation Army. The shirts are washed and cut in my home. About 1/3 of the shirts have to be dyed. I use a water based dyes. On rare occasions I “max out” the thrift stores and have to buy new shirts. I only do this when it can not be avoided. The shirts are cut into strips and braided by hand. I then sew them together with super strong thread. The rugs are machine washable. My goal is to produce a beautiful, useful and earth friendly product, that you are proud to have in your home! :)

My rugs reflects our simple environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Our home was built by my husband and is super efficient.

We heat solely with dead/down fire wood that is harvested off our property.

This is a carbon neutral fuel source. We shop locally for our produce. Almost all our clothing comes from thrift stores. I also use a scooter to purchase t-shirts (weather permitting) in the summer. The scooter gets 100mpg. We are planning to purchase Photovoltaic solar panels in the next year.

We also grow vegetables in a small garden, in a family shared lot next to our home.

Most of all we try to be Green at Heart, and we hope you are too!

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