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Summer Vacation offically began for me today. I'm determined to be extremely productive this summer, and to really push my buisness forward. I decided that I good way to get started would be to set some goals for myself. I"m going to create some goals that I know that I can reach, and some that are more dreams, but would still be pretty cool if they happened.

1. Learn how to double weave
2. Create a carpet for a room in our house
3. learn to Nuno felt
4.Get my work into more shops/ boutiques, local and afar
5. Update my etsy site everday and hopefully get more online sales
6. Make a piece for Of a kind ( if you would like to help me with this goal you can recommend me as a designer that you like. You can do so by emailing and telling them about me)
7. Sell some of my work at Anthropoligie
8. Get my work featrued in a magazine
9. Be featured in American Craft Magazine
10. Contine to grow and develop my designs and craftsmanship

So there you have it. I'll report back at the end of the summer on these goals. What are your goals this summer?


Check out the new body forms that a friend of mine found for $1.00 a piece at a yard sale. I was so excited. I used these in my booth this past weekend.

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