Fiber and Metal Necklaces

I hadn't really intended to start making jewelry, it just seemed to come out of me. The whole concept started when I began adding metal to my scarves, and then I decided to try it with just braided pieces, and here's where I ended up.

A few thoughts about my creative process.

I work best when I'm alone, and have a decent amount of time to allow my mind to wonder
I think a lot about my ideas right before I go to sleep, this seems to be a time where my brain is very creative and I can just dream. I let the ideas flow as they wish and don't really worry about if anything makes sense or if it will be possible to create.
Once I begin one idea, then rest continue to follow. I try to allow myself to just keep on trying the ideas that are in my head and not worry about if anyone else will like them or if they will sell, they are part of the journey to whereever I am going

The more time I spend creating, the more ideas I get , therefore I try to spend time doing something in my stuido everyday, just to get ideas flowing

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these new pieces, as I"m really enjoying making them, and they are great accessories for the summer heat.
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